Menk Legal Consulting Center LLC suggest subscriber support of your business including legal support on legal issues arising during business, which allows avoiding making hasty decisions, reduce financial and commercial risks, prevent development of legal conflicts and solve existing problems.

The company provides the following key services

  • Oral and written advice on civil, corporate, commercial law and other branches of current legislation and Client's economic activity.
  • Legal due diligence and drafting of Client's economic, civil agreements as well as other regulatory acts.
  • Legal assessment of claim perspectives of conflict situations.
  • Preparation of legal opinions.
  • Participation in negotiations with Client's counteragent.
  • Preparation of claim documents and pre-trial settlement of disputes.
  • Monitoring of legal base on Client's request.
  • Participatin during inspactions.
  • Preparation and filing applications.
  • Protecting our clients from unfair competition practices of third parties and protecting their trademarks from misappropriation and various other infringements.
  • Resolving domain name disputes.
  • Pleading cases in courts.